We are proud of all our local suppliers and we constantly strive to source like minded professionals. Our coffee supplier 'Has Bean' is quite unique! Stephen and Dale are as passionate about coffee as any person you are ever likely to meet! Based only 30 miles away from Nantwich they roast our coffee to order so that it is as fresh as it possibly can be. They are also the #1 choice of most of the Barista Champions around the world. (See the list below of all the winners using 'Has Bean' Coffee) So come and enjoy a fantastic coffee right in the heart of Cheshire's hidden treasure - Nantwich!

UK barista champion - John Gordon, Irish barista Champion & 4th in World Championship - Colin Harmon, Irish barista champion - Victoria Fitz-Henry, Italian barista champion - Francesco Sanapa, Slovakia barista Champion - Monika Pavlova,

El Salvador barista Champion - Alejandro Mendez became current World Barista Champion with same coffee!

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